3 Tips to Beat the Summer Doldrums and Make your Spa a Hotspot!

Beat the Summer Doldrums!As summer heats up, have you noticed sales at your spa slowing down? The sudden slump in customers during the summer may seem inexplicable, but rest assured it’s a common problem which can be combatted with a few simple sales strategies.

It’s important to be prepared for this dip in customers and prevent a sales loss before it happens. Anticipate your client’s need for sun-friendly treatments by stocking your shop and promoting these products. We’ll outline some successful tactics for carrying out these strategies with the following sun-friendly tips for your spa:

1. Anticipate the Slump and Book Early

If you’re new to the beauty business, you may have heard about the trend of slower summers. Don’t wait until your business experiences a financial loss to find a solution to this pattern!

Many of your regular clients will tend to go on summer vacations, spending their time and money elsewhere, especially in July and August. Be prepared for this mass migration, and prevent financial losses by offering sales and promotions before you anticipate this annual dip in sales.

Increase your advertising for summer specials and try to fill up your summer bookings in advance. This includes boosting your social media …

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How to Set the Right Price for Your Business and Your Clients

How to set the right price for your business and your clientsYou put so much work into your business to ensure you provide a valuable experience for your clients. But if your prices are so high that clients can’t afford them, what good are your services? At the same time, you may be hesitant to price yourself out of a potential sale. As a general rule of thumb, it’s wise- and even necessary- to increase your prices when demand for your skincare services becomes greater than your resources of supplies. It’s tough to please everyone in all areas of your life, but you shouldn’t be afraid to give your business the raise it deserves. Here’s how to do it without losing clients.

Don’t be afraid to raise your prices.

This can be a tough concept to adjust to, but it’s absolutely vital to your business’ success and continued growth. Of course, you must do this strategically. When is the best time to think about raising your prices? You have surely noticed your operating costs rising each year, and so a good rule of thumb is to consider a small price hike every year. Of course, this step should only be considered if business is thriving, or at least surviving. Is your …

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Package and gift ideas to recommend to your clients for Mother’s Day

Gift recommendations for your clientsGive the gift of healthy and glowing skin! Holidays are a great clientele-building opportunity as referrals are the best type of client to acquire. Mother’s Day is coming up and you can use this holiday to attract more clients.

Putting together a couple of options for package deals for all mothers to enjoy, such as a facial and an intro chemical peel, or a series of chemical peels particular to their skin type and concerns will help you to build your clientele base and fill up your appointment book.

A good targeted at home regimen kit should include all of the essentials to maintain and enhance their peel or facial results: a daily cleanser, daily exfoliator, a serum, and a moisturizer. In doing this, you’re providing a gateway for new clients to try your line of products and help returning clients maintain their results at home.

We recommend the following products as a great starting point for all skin types.
The Green Tea Cleanser uses natural botanicals to gently cleanse using green tea and aloe extracts – plus it smells great! The Enzyme Micro Scrub combines microdermabrasion crystals and papaya enzymes to buff away dead skin cells to reveal a …

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How to get your clients on a peel schedule

peelschedule-blogsmFor optimal results, most peels require a series of 6-8 peel treatments. By advising your clients that chemical peels are progressive treatments, they will be more likely to rebook and get on a treatment plan that will best address their concerns . Discuss with your clients the correct post-peel care and have them pre-book their appointments after completing each treatment.

You can do a series if a client pays for and books all 6-8 peel treatments in advance, that will offer a discount. With this method, there is incentive to keep up with the proper amount of treatments to achieve best results. You will likely notice that you will receive additional loyalty from clients as they see their new skin is revealed with each upcoming treatment.

Depending on the peel being performed on each client, you may request to see them back every 2 weeks or once a month. If the client is unable to come back bi-weekly or monthly, assure them that they can set up a schedule that works within their budget. Let’s face it, the point is to rebook them and give them the desired results. Giving them a more flexible option may help ease them into …

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How to incorporate a chemical peel into a facial

Incorporating Chemical Peels into a Facial

Peels can be incorporated into a facial to provide deeper exfoliation than an exfoliator. Superficial chemical peels should be done after a 10 minute maximum facial massage. Massages should not be done before medium or deep strength peel as massage can overstimulate the area being treated and may result in further irritation. Below is the protocol when incorporating both Superficial and medium/deep strength peels into a facial procedure.

Duration: 30–60 minutes
Products needed:
Transparent gel cleanser
Astringent toner
Massage cream, oil, gel or lotion specific to client’s skin type and concerns
Superficial chemical peel
Corrective serums
Hyaluronic Serum
Anti-aging SPF 30…

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